Bucklin Building Features!

Click HERE view with audio by Don Bucklin.


  • 14' side walls with four foot below ground
  • 50 feet high at the peak of the trusses
  • Foundation: 6' pad 12 '' deep
  • 135 foot width and the length is limited by conveyor designs capacity needs.
  • 6 inch concrete floor
  • Retrieval tunnel: 8 feet wide and 6'8" tall
  • In floor aeration to keep the quality of grain stable
  • 16 foot end doors
  • End walls are made of steel structural materials
  • Catwalk lights
  • Custom catwalk and input conveyors designed for customer needs
  • Conveyors from 10,000 bph to 30,000 bph in use
  • Buildings up to 1000 feet long


We have buildings for you to see for yourself that are strongest workhorse for your storage complex. Our sales team will give you a tour to several units as you need. You can fly into Fargo,ND;  Sioux Falls, SD and or Minneapolis and we will pick you up and show you around. We have buildings being built to 1.8 million in capacity in progress, we also have a building at 1.2 million to show you now that is nearly completed.

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