Don Bucklin, has over 30 years in the construction industry. He started constructing fabric storage buildings 15 years ago and built over 100 units. Six years ago he started to design his own building  working with several national known grain handling equipment companies, grain elevator managers, and engineering firms to design, Bucklin Buildings.

Our building style emphasis a strong foundation with the best care in foundations and side wall construction. Bucklin Buildings, under the direction of Don Bucklin, started his own fabric manufacturing plant in, South Dakota.  They use the best fabric on the market.  Don, uses  steel  trusses engineered to meet snow loads, wind loads, and conveyor carrying capacities.  They aim to meet the growing needs of the ag market. Don, has his construction company based in Sisseston, South Dakota.   Bucklin Buildings, offers a complete building package for elevators and farmers. 

Bucklin Buildings, takes pride in custom design of their buildings to help the elevators become the most efficient they can be. Bucklin Buildings, offers to sell direct to also save money for the grain companies, elevators, cooperatives and farmers to get the best building for the least per bushel costs.



Bucklin Buildings

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