Benefits of Fabric Cover Grain Storage Buildings

Multi-functional Storage

Multi-functional Storage Farmers and Co-Ops appreciate the multi-functional storage capacity for equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, seed, and sprays in the off-season.

  • In-foor aeration grates and internal partitions to efficiently manage storage space to accommodate multi- functional storage.
  • Aeration grates support the weight of large loaders and agricultural equipment.
  • Movable partitions free-up space for inputs and equipment as grain is sold.


  • Eco-Line The most economical permanent solution for on-farm storage!
  • Floors are made of the most available and least expensive material (concrete, asphalt, gravel)
  • “Foundation-Less” design is ideal for export, remote locations, and re-locating the building
  • Optional detachable aeration tubes facilitate long-term grain storage
  • Optional grain pump retrieval system for automated loading & unloading is available.

Optional Grain Pump

  • Optional grain pump for grain loading system without the catwalk in commercial models.
  • Potential to increase grain stack 10% by installing steel panels to tresses; raising the stack height.
  • A-frames support steel panel to form raised barrier replacing the concrete retaining wall on commercial models.
  • Optional detachable aeration tubes attach to fans under A-frames replacing in-foor ducts on commercial models.


  • Flooring can be asphalt, concrete, gravel, etc., depending on what is most economical.
  • Optional concrete channel for grain retrieval similar to commercial models. (Side view of Anchor System)
  • Perimeter Slopes away from building for drainage.
    Tresses anchor to the Steel I-beam replacing the 10’ concrete retaining wall in commercial 12'
  • Steel I-beam attaches to helical piles to anchor the structure to the ground; replacing foundation in commercial models.

Building Foundations

Integrated Foundations provide strength for storing grain and equipment while integrating grain aeration and retrieval and strength for storing grain and equipment while integrating grain aeration and retrieval.

​Reinforced concrete sidewalls extend 4’ (1.2m) underground resist lateral forces.

Concrete slab floors accommodate stacking grain 36 feet (11m) high and driving loaders and agriculture equipment inside the building.

Integrated retrieval and aeration tunnels with steel covers support heavy machinery and provide an unobstructed operating space.

Building Foundations by Bucklin Buildings

In-foor Aeration

In - Floor Aeration forced air ventilation minimizes grain spoilage. It reduces the aeration fan horse power saving electricity while allowing greater control over grain temperature and moisture content. Additional ventilation fans on the ends further reduce dust density.

​A key element in a forced aeration system is the aeration floor. It serves as the primary working surface, and distributes air through the compost pile. Keeping the aerobes working efficiently requires that the aeration floor must uniformly and reliably supply enough air to match heat production in the pile.

High Quality Roof Structure

High Quality Roof Structure utilizes a UV resistant translucent roof supported by steel trusses.

Trusses provide structural capacity for wind and snow loads plus the strength to support grain conveyors, catwalks, and lighting systems providing an unobstructed storage space without internal support towers.

Wide fabric panels can individually be replaced if damaged.

Panel caps prevent moisture from penetrating between panels.

  • 14' side walls with four foot below ground
  • 50 feet high at the peak of the trusses
  • Foundation: 6' pad 12 '' deep
  • 135 foot width and the length is limited by conveyor designs capacity needs.
  • 6 inch concrete floor
  • Retrieval tunnel: 8 feet wide and 6'8" tall
  • In floor aeration to keep the quality of grain stable
  • 16 foot end doors
  • End walls are made of steel structural materials
  • Catwalk lights
  • Custom catwalk and input conveyors designed for customer needs
  • Conveyors from 10,000 bph to 30,000 bph in use
  • Buildings up to 1000 feet long

We have buildings for you to see for yourself that are strongest workhorse for your storage complex. Our sales team will give you a tour to several units as you need.