​1.What is the warranty of your fabric?
**Bucklin Buildings offers a NON prorated 20 year warranty.

2.Do you provide full service construction?
** Bucklin Buildings can do site work to completion and or building only depending upon your needs.

3. Does Bucklin Buildings provide electrical service?
** Bucklin Buildings will bid the building electrical from your service supply within 20 feet of our structure.

4.What equipment is available for handling commodities?
**We have several good suppliers that most customers ask for that have grain legs, incoming, retrieval systems, in floor air systems, temperature sensors, and much more.
A list of our most asked for products are Air Lanco, Schlagel (SP), and Hi-Roller. We can work with your preferred suppliers if need be.

5.Do you have an aeration product?
***Bucklin Buildings provide Air Lanco as standard equipment.

6.What is the usual capacity of a Bucklin Building?
** We custom any project for your needs. Our most popular width is 135 feet and the cost per bushel decreases with extra length.

7.How do you repair your fabric cover when there is damage?
** Our Keder system allows for us to fix one panel if it is damaged. If the damage is a slight tear we can repair with a heat seal in place.

8. Do you make your own trusses?
** We have a fabrication operation in South Dakota were we make our trusses and end wall materials.

9. Do you have your own construction crews?
**We have our own crews and have been building in a three state area to date. We are prepared to build in a greater area. We have several sets of cranes and scissors lifts.

10. Do you do your own concrete work?
** We have several concrete crews. Our concrete crews are our backbone and we have great skills in concrete construction.

11. What is the largest building you have to date?
** 135 x 600 about a 1.8 million in corn storage

12. Does Bucklin Buildings have financing for your buildings?

*** Bucklin Buildings has lease financing, and other finance support for special projects.