History of Bucklin Building


Bucklin Building Roof Panels
The Roof Panels

Don Bucklin, created a break through in his roofing system. The roof panels were made into smaller sections. They firmly attached to the trusses, By segmenting the roof panels, the risk of losing massive portions of your covering is eliminated and each smaller section can be addressed independently.

Bucklin Builders’ Roof System
Involves free-span steel trusses spaced every 8-feet with a 24-foot wide fabric section covering every three trusses. A 312-foot long building will have thirteen of these 24-foot wide sections. Should a weather mishap or damage occur, the odds are that only one section would need repair or replacement, and only a small percentage of your grain would be exposed. Patching or replacement is easier and quicker as well.

Bucklin Track System
Involves a flex rod welded into both edges of each fabric panel and the entire panel is fed into the receiving tracks, much as an awning on a storefront. The fabric panels are anchored continuously to every third truss, over the full width of the building, preventing all wind and weather from entering the joint between panels. To completely safeguard this seam or joint, a patented aluminum track cover is clipped in place. This creates a watertight, wind-tight roof from end to end, side to side. With trusses every 8-feet, the fabric roof has plenty of support beneath it which prevents sagging and stress during heavy snowfall and windy conditions. This provides in effect a serviceable, segmented yet continuous membrane.

With a strong foundation, and side wall construction that is not comparable. With steel trusses engineered to meet snow loads, wind loads, and conveyor carrying capacities. No other competitor has come close in comparison.

Don Bucklin Inventory & CEO

Don Bucklin SIsseton SD

Don Bucklin, has over 30 years in the construction industry. He started as a young man selling siding and building houses. He was work driven and motivated to develop something of his own.

Some of Don’s first jobs in Seattle, were working for Bill Gate's and other high profile people. Don, managed to own his own lumber companies in the Seattle, area. He constructed Casino's and other large billion dollar sites across the United States, and worked on the Canadian, boarder area in, North Dakota . He wanted to be closer to his family so in his older age he moved back to the mid-west after the passing of his father.

He started constructing agriculture buildings, 17 years ago and built over 100 units. He designed his own building working with several national known grain handling equipment companies, grain elevator managers, and engineering firms. He created several inventions and hold patents for them that are used in the construction Industry.

Don, takes pride in the custom design of his buildings to help the elevators become the most efficient they can be. Now offering to sell direct to save money for the grain companies, elevators, cooperatives and farmers to give them the best building for the least cost possible. In his spare time his focus is being a family man, a father and grandfather. He has a very large extended family and is very close with his mother. He enjoys hunting, fishing, inventing new Ideas, along with gardening and farming.

He took some time off to survive terminal cancer and he survived a triple bypass and heart surgery. Don, would help anyone in need and has worked very hard in his life time and has chosen not to retire at this time and to continue to Invent new things in the construction Industry. Invention has been in the Bucklin, family since the invention to make rope by creating a tool.