What is the warranty of your fabric fiber building?
Bucklin Buildings offers a NON prorated 20 year warranty.

Bucklin Buildings use the best supplier Intertape Systems for our fabric. Our 12 ounce cover has proven itself over the years.

Our process plant in Webster, South Dakota make our cover using the latest seaming technology. Our specialists in design make our panels special for each fabric structure we sell. We have our fabric supply locally and can meet any of your scheduled needs. Our fabric equipment at Webster is new and very efficient. Webster, South Dakota is a very strategic location for our growth as we are located near our market for commodity flat storage including corn, soybean, wheat, sunflower, fertilizer and flat storage facilities.

Our Bucklin Building fabric fiber workforce is dedicated and committed to quality.

Nova-Shield® II with ArmorKoteTM
RU88X-6 (4 mil) DATA SHEET
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Heavyweight fabric for applications such as membrane structures and alternate daily landfill covers. The scrim is produced in a special weaving pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, abrasion resistance, and tear properties. The proprietary coating is used to enhance abrasion resistance, flex resistance, seam strength, UV resistance and longevity.

WEAVE Woven clear HDPE scrim
COATING 4.0 mil average, two sides LDPE (94 g/m2, two sides LDPE)
COLOUR Natural (clear), white, blue, green, yellow, red, beige
WEIGHT 12.0 oz/yd2 (407 g/m2) /- 5%
THICKNESS 20 mils(0.50mm) ASTM D5199

This product meets the requirements of ASTM E84-00a(Class 1).

CORES 4 inch (101.6 mm) or 5 inch (127 mm) I.D.
WIDTH Up to 150 inches (-0 , 0.5) as ordered, 3.81 m (-0, 12 mm)
LENGTH Minimum 250 yds/roll (229 m); up to 1000 yds/roll (914 m)
These values are typical data and are not intended as limiting specifications.
Rev 5 03/16/2010

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