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Bucklin Buildings Flat Storage


Flat Storage

Efficient Grain Storage!

  Don Bucklin / Flat Storage Solutions


The Bucklin Building Flat Storage solution is the
  Year Round Workhorse of your Grain Storage Facility


Brownfield AG

Flat Grain Storage has become one of most popular ways to store grain.  Ken Anderson of Brownfield Ag News interviews Don Bucklin about Flat Storage discussing the reasons behind this rapid growth and the advantages of flat grain storage.



Flat Storage Buildings with 13' concrete sidewalls can handle the...

  • biggest pay loaders
  • fastest skid steers
  • best floor sweepers







       What a grain pump does: 


  • Eliminates all conveyor systems
  • Eliminates all legs
  • Eliminates receiving pits which can fill up with water when it rains
  • Eliminates the retrieval tunnel under the floor of the building 
  • This grain pump has a great advantage
  • Safer for your employees

The Bucklin Track System

  Photo of a Bucklin Building under Construction


Covering such large areas needed a better-engineered solution. It made more sense to Don Bucklin to break the roofing system into smaller sections and firmly attach them to the trusses. By segmenting the roof panels, the risk of losing massive portions of your covering is eliminated and each smaller section can be addressed independently.


Bucklin Buildings’ roof system involves free-span steel trusses spaced every 8-feet with a 24-foot wide fabric section covering every three trusses. A 312-foot long building will have thirteen of these 24-foot wide sections. Should a weather mishap or damage occur, the odds are that only one section would need repair or replacement, and only a small percentage of your grain would be exposed. Patching or replacement is easier and quicker as well.


The Bucklin Track system involves a flex rod welded into both edges of each fabric panel and the entire panel is fed into the receiving tracks, much as an awning on a storefront. The fabric panels are anchored continuously to every third truss, over the full width of the building, preventing all wind and weather from entering the joint between panels. To completely safeguard this seam or joint, a patented aluminum track cover is clipped in place. This creates a watertight, wind-tight roof from end to end, side to side. With trusses every 8-feet, the fabric roof has plenty of support beneath it which prevents sagging and stress during heavy snowfall and windy conditions. This provides in effect a serviceable, segmented yet continuous membrane.




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Bucklin Buildings uses the best flat storage engineering including many ideas from grain equipment companies, elevator managers and years of Bucklin construction experience.



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